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Silver Sage Guest Ranch & Campground is a family owned & operated ranch,

situated on 427 acres with the most picturesque scenery the area has to offer.

Silver Sage Ranch is the culmination of the Otto family's desire to work with horses and people. We have always loved horses and knew we would someday turn our dream of a guest ranch into reality. In 1995, we purchased our property and six horses, each year adding a few more. Hence, Silver Sage Ranch was born.

Part of our vision at Silver Sage Ranch was to have patrons return year after year and feel more like our GUESTS than customers in a money-making world.

It's so great to see Guests returning and requesting horses by name that they've grown to love and enjoyed their time with. 

We offer a variety of activities for the outdoor enthusiast or for your first time adventure. We pride ourselves with having safe and dependable horses, fun and caring staff and breathtaking views. Our Campground is situated on a private lake with a nice sandy beach, lots of activities and amenities year-round.

We are excited for the future of the ranch as we are constantly growing with new offerings.

COME RIDE WITH US! or Share in stories at the Campground. You won't be disappointed.

"I'll never forget the time I spent there as a child. Horse camp will forever be in my heart. "    


-Alyss B.

"Beautiful! What a great day and an AMAZING ranch! "
-Gail and family

"Awesome afternoon of riding and a picnic Thanks again for the great day! "
 -Leah.L   Becky R.
 Anna P. Nancy W.
      Melissa K.

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