About Us

Silver Sage Ranch is a family friendly horse ranch for horseback riding, horseback riding lessons, Boy and Girl Scout horsemanship programs, trail rides and we have a great campground for camping and picinics and more...

Silver Sage Ranch is the culmination of the Otto's desire to work with horses. 

We have always loved horses and knew we would someday turn our dream of a guest ranch into reality. 

In 1995, we purchased our property and six horses, each year adding a few more. Hence, Silver Sage Ranch was born.

Part of our vision of Silver Sage Ranch was to have patrons return year after year and feel more like our guests than customers in a money-making world. This has happened. Guests come back, requesting horses by name. "Jellybean" is one of the favorites. We offer trail rides and riding instructions, as well as camping, dinner rides, sleigh rides, swimming and farm animals to see.

We feel horseback riding inspires courage and self-esteem, as well as physical fitness. Come share this beautiful place; you won't be disappointed.